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Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary Violations

Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary / Retail Store Violations

How do cannabis dispensaries and retail stores fail?  


At Global Go, we’ve been analyzing cannabis risk assessment data since 2014. Each January, we anonymize and review the previous year’s data to produce our cannabis industry must-have, the Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary / Retail Store Violations list. Detecting and analyzing failure patterns now can help all licensed operators to succeed in the future.

Cannabis Risk Assessment

Learn from failure.  Build a learning culture.


Learn from data, analytics, and insights. Review our cannabis violations lists against your licensed operation to reduce your violation risk today. Questions?


Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary / Retail Store Violations


  1. The licensee has not reconciled all on hand inventory of cannabis and cannabis product in the state track and track system.

  2. All areas where the cannabis is stored, weighed, packed, loaded, unloaded, prepared, or moved is not being recorded on surveillance. 

  3. All physical changes, alterations, or modification of the premises has not been approved via premises modification request.

  4. The licensee does not maintain a copy of all current and prior operating procedures.

  5. The licensee does not have an accurate sell-by or expiration date for all inventory.

  6. All scales used for weighing cannabis and cannabis product are not certified.

  7. The licensee has not retained all training records, including content and names of employees receiving the training.

  8. All edible products do not include instructions for use. 

  9. All packages containing cannabis goods are not tamper-evident and child resistant. 

  10. All employees do not have an employee badge with required identification details, photo and government-issued ID.


How do Cannabis Licenses fail? Click our Top 10 violations lists below. Learn from data and analyze failure patterns to improve your cannabis regulatory program today.


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Need a Cannabis Compliance Risk Assessment? Protect your operational license today. 

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