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Top 10 Cultivation Center Violations

Top 10 Cannabis Cultivation Center Violations

How do cannabis cultivation centers fail?  


At Global Go, we’ve been analyzing cannabis risk assessment data since 2014. Each January, we anonymize and review the previous year’s data to produce our cannabis industry must-have, the Top 10 Cannabis Cultivation Center Violations list. Detecting and analyzing failure patterns now can help all licensed operators to succeed in the future.

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Learn from data, analytics, and insights. Review our cannabis violations lists against your licensed operation to reduce your violation risk today. Questions?

Top 10 Cannabis Cultivation Center Violations


  1. The licensee has not reconciled all on hand inventory of cannabis and cannabis product in the state track and track system.

  2. The track and trace account has not corrected data entry errors within three calendar days of discovery of the error.

  3. The licensee does not maintain a copy of all current operating procedures.

  4. All areas where cannabis is stored, packaged, weighed, loaded, unloaded, prepared, or moved within the licensed premise are not recorded under surveillance.

  5. All physical changes, alterations, or modifications of the premises have not been approved via premises modification request.

  6. The licensee has not recorded the movement of plants within 3 calendar days of occurrence.

  7. All chemicals and pesticides used on the premises do not have accurate inventory or Safety Data Sheets included.

  8. All cannabis waste is not in a secured waste receptacle or secured area until the time of disposal.

  9. The licensee has not retained all training records, including content and names of employees receiving the training.

  10. The licensee does not maintain a detailed visitor log with name, company, reason for visit, date, times entering and exiting the limited access areas.

How do Cannabis Licenses fail? Click our Top 10 violations lists below. Learn from data and analyze failure patterns to improve your cannabis regulatory program today.


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