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Cannabis Training Services

Cannabis eLearning Courses

Transform your cannabis organization with Global Go Cloud training programs and courses. Practical and powerful training tailored to the needs of your requirements. Whether you are just starting your cannabis journey, continuing your education, or moving up to the next level, we have your training needs covered.

Cannabis Training Services


Rules, Regulations, Policies and Best Practices.

Training built from thousands of cannabis compliance inspections and risk assessments. Learn from failure patterns, data, and success. All trainings are Instructor-led, student-centered, and offer flexible scheduling. Save time and money on training today.

Over 350+ training attendees, including:

Cannabis Training Services
Cannabis Training Success


Global Go has 20+ cannabis training courses to meet your needs. Browse our most popular training courses below.

Cannabis Compliance Training

Cannabis Compliance & Operations Administration:  5-hours

  • Our most popular training course covering the cannabis industry

  • All license types - dispensary, cultivation center, manufacturing, distribution, testing laboratories - seed-to-sale, inventory & financials, licensing & operations management, testing, business records, security & surveillance, product & employee safety & more.

  • Over 250 attendees since 2015. Includes course certification.

Cannabis Application Consulting

Cannabis Application & Licensing Management:  2-hours

  • Our compressed course on how to apply for a cannabis license in any jurisdiction

  • Includes review of cannabis licensing application requirements, facility & hybrid plans, standard operating procedure review, production processes, security & surveillance, and best practices

  • Know the licensing application process before you start

Cannabis Dispensary Training

Cannabis Dispensary Management:  2-hours

  • Dispensary Standard Operating Procedure review

  • Regulatory review, track-and-trace, inventory & financial management, client/patient management, business application management, labeling, packaging, product safety, testing, recalls, security, surveillance & more

  • Reporting requirements and business records required

Cannabis Cultivation Training

Cannabis Cultivation Center Management:  2-hours

  • Cultivation Center Standard Operating Procedure review

  • Process & inventory review - propagation, immature, vegetative, flowering, harvest, drying/curing, transport

  • Facility safety, chemicals & pesticides, pest management, waste processing & management, employee safety, training & more

Cannabis Manufacturing Training

Cannabis Manufacturer / Infused Producer Management:  2-hours

  • Manufacturer Standard Operating Procedure review

  • Process & inventory review - raw materials intake, storage, extraction, production / infusion processes, output product, labeling for final sale, transport, and inventory management

  • Facility safety, cGMPs, equipment management, waste processing & management, employee safety, certifications, training & more

Cannabis Distributor

Cannabis Distributor / Transporter Management:  1 hour

  • Distributor Standard Operating Procedure review

  • Cannabis transport manifest review, storage & inventory

  • Driver & vehicle management, insurance & required paperwork

  • Facility safety, waste management, employee safety, training & more

Cannabis Regulatory Agency Training

Cannabis Regulatory Agency Training:  Up to 20 hours

  • Restricted to Local and State Regulatory Agencies

  • Contact Us for more information

Cannabis Banking Training

Cannabis Banking Compliance Training:  8-hours

  • Restricted to Financial Institutions, Banks & Credit Unions

  • Contact Us for more information

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