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Cannabis Banking

Automate Cannabis Banking Compliance

There are hundreds of banks working with legal, state-supported cannabis businesses. With the proper training, policies, procedures and automated technology, cannabis businesses can be banked while addressing risk.

Cannabis Banking

Global Go Consulting helps our financial partners eliminate blind spots with their current systems. Today’s banking system gaps for cannabis businesses include:


  • Cannabis Business & Industry Training

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Operational Risk Management

  • Monthly Compliance Program Management

Cannabis Risk Assessment

Cannabis Banking Compliance Programs

Don’t re-invent the wheel. With our automated risk management solutions, you can complement internal regulatory risk management programs without hyper-expensive monitoring software. Our program starts with in-depth training from our team of cannabis financial experts and our five-step framework includes:


  1. Application Processing, Screening & Acceptance

  2. Account Setup & Reporting

  3. Routine Inventory & Compliance Monitoring

  4. Secure Cash Management & Deposit Verification

  5. On-going Due Diligence & Annual Training

Colorado National Bank
Severn Savings Bank
Bulldog Federal Credit Union

Contact Us today for cannabis banking compliance and risk management programs for regulated, licensed cannabis licenses.

Financial Risk  +  Operational Risk Reporting

Address enhanced due diligence, KYC, BSA, AML, FinCEN, CIP, and other regulatory requirements. Start today.

Financial Risk Reports

Compliance Inspection Report

Operational Risk Reports

Cannabis Banking Compliance Training

Cannabis Banking Compliance Training:  8-hour Course

  • Cannabis industry, license types, regulatory requirements, inventory & revenue management, facility compliance & risk management

  • Inventory, Audit Reports & Compliance Risk Assessments

  • KYC, CIP, AML, BSA, FinCEN, Enhanced Due Diligence & cannabis regulatory program considerations, and legalization

  • Secure cash management, deposit verification & annual training

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